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We are the Perfect All in One Solution for your SEO or Web Design Need in Canada.

 We can work with every website builder such as WordPress, Godaddy Website Builder, Drupal, Magento, HTML, PHP, Squarespace, Wix, Weebly and more. We create for our customer’s stunning Illustrations, Logo, Flyers, Business cards, Banner with Illustrator or Photoshop.

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Why Hire WEBBC for your Web Design or SEO in Vancouver?

Web design in Vancouver is a very competitive industry, and it is extremely difficult to find a really good creative webmaster and almost impossible to find a webmaster that can also provide a very high-level SEO team that is (local) and at the top of their game for SEO excellence. Most of the webmasters out there will upload a simple Template and edit the content without performing any customization.

At WEBBC our Webmasters have a keen eye for choosing the right colors, pictures and crisp clean layouts that will help the clients sell more and close more deals. Depending on our client’s needs we can either use a very fast high-end template (definitely not your average cheap template) or we can completely build from scratch, either way, we are able to completely customize the client’s site as required. most web design agencies will only create static websites without any dynamic features or customization.

Most companies can create an eCommerce site but few companies have the vast knowledge of our eCommerce team to do any type of customization design companies usually give you 2 or 3 templates and very little customization options.

At WEBBC we do all kinds of websites Small Static Website, Large Ecommerce, Dating Website, Cannabis Dispensary, Classifieds Ads Platform, Directory website, and more!

Lastly, I want to be totally upfront and honest to you from one business owner to another you can have to greatest cleanest sharpest looking site in the world if it ain’t on the first page of google you might as well not even have a site this is where we really separate ourselves from the rest of the competition SEO and design companies love telling potential clients they can do this the fact is most can’t and have no idea how to do it we will show you what we have done for other clients and show you what we can do for your company as well.

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Flexible Web Design Pricing Plans


$ 499

1 year free Hosting

  • 1 to 5 pages
  • Basic On-Site SEO
  • 2 week Delivery
  • WordPress site
  • 1000 more templates

$ 1200

1 year free Hosting

  • 1 to 10 pages
  • Basic On-Site SEO
  • 3 week Delivery
  • WordPress site
  • 1000 more templates

$ 3000

1 year free Hosting

  • 1 to 10 pages
  • Basic On-Site SEO
  • 4 week Delivery
  • WordPress site
  • 1000 more templates


Top Techniques to Improve your Web Design in Vancouver

Your business web design in Vancouver determines whether you succeed or not. If the website is designed in the right way, it attracts more visitors who latter on turn to be your business customers. The opposite happens because if it is designed wrongly, then it means that the bounce rate is high, leading to poor performance of your business. With the stiff competition among businesses in Vancouver, you have to ensure that your website is the best.  The following are some of the techniques to apply to improve your web design in Vancouver and boost your business success.

Focus on visual design

One of the ways you can make your website compelling is to ensure it has a great visual design. Note that a graphic tells more than words. With the right pictures, your website portrays the actual value of the website content, grab the attention of the users and give explanation to some of the complex concepts.  Note that human beings are visual creatures, so a web design with pictures has a high chance of attracting more compared to words. Some of the ways you can do so include, use of high quality graphics, show the major picture on site homepage and let the pictures show the major goal of the products or services.  Never use just any picture on your website, include those that are relevant to the products provided.

Highly responsive design

In the modern times, people use a wide a range of devices to access the internet. This means your website must be responsive to all these devices. Most people use their mobile phones or tablets to surf; meaning your web design in Vancouver must be responsive and work well on all these devices.  When users browse your site, all the content should show just the way it would do if they surf on a laptop or desktop. This requires your web design to provide a great experience to all users to make them develop more interest.  Web design responsiveness is a critical element for every website regardless of your niche.

Provide rich interaction

A great Web design in Vancouver is one that provides rich interaction with users. It should not only be attractive to users, but should also make them want to stay longer navigating the different pages. A rich interaction is what leads to high conversion rates.  To achieve this objective, you need to apply contrast in design, use the right dynamic effects, observe consistency and have a great form design.

Easy navigation

The most critical element of a web design in Vancouver is its navigation menu. This gives your site visitors easy time as they browse your pages and learn more about the products or services you provide.  The web design must be intuitive and simple. Easy navigation should be a major priority when designing the website. A website that is not easy to navigate experiences high bounce rates that affects the overall performance of a business.  Make sure your content is easy to understand and there are no complex graphics that may confuse your visitors.

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“I’ve personally owned and operated many different businesses in various fields and I’ve been impressed with Marc’s skill-set with Online Marketing and Reputation Management. If you’re looking to grow your business in any field, do not hesitate to contact him right now.”
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