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How Medical Cannabis changed my Life in Vancouver!

I am a 38 yr old working male, living in the beautiful city of Vancouver. The story I am about to share is my own personal story. A lot of people think Cannabis is a gate way drug or a possible addiction. Well, it’s not. The way I see it, it’s a much healthier solution for my back pain and depression issues. Due to my back pain from work injury, I had not been sleeping well and not to mention that I need to bare with the pains and soreness every moment. I’ve seen many doctors and therapists for that matter. Due to the condition, I was putted away from work for the longest time. Depression started to build up and that irritating pain is not getting any better.


One day a friend of mine dropped by to check up on me. He brought me a bag of herbal from this Cannabis Dispensary. I’ve never try out Cannabis as for my medical solution. I was amazed by the effects of it, the buzz came quick. Right the way, I felt my back was feeling kind of numb and tinkle. Thank God that my friend was beside me and gave me a quick tour before I light it up. Otherwise, I’d be scared and confuse with the feelings. The feeling was very relaxing, made me want to do things and definitely made me more active. Mental wise, I think it is providing me more positive influences on a lot of things. Have you ever feel like you perform way better when you are in good mood? I do. It’s exactly like that.


I never try to buy flowers online myself and I didn’t know it’s that easy. As soon as I EMT them the payment along with my order number. Within 12hrs, I received my tracking number and got the package within a week. I was worried if the smell will leak out and I probably won’t get it. Fortunately, they packaged the flowers nicely with a humidifier pad inside, they were very thoughtful for their customers.


I am so happy that I can switch up my medication to this. Such a GREAT Alternative!

And being able to save up the time from visiting Pharmacy every two weeks was just priceless. I am not saying, the pain went away and gone forever. I understand it’s only for temporary, well! So does the pain killers! And I know I will have to learn to live with it.

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