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Affordable WordPress Web Design

WordPress  Development Services in Vancity By Canadian experts

At WEBBC, We have a Strong Knowledge of all Popular WordPress Theme or Plugins!  Here some Themes and Plugins that we are very familiar with!

Our Affordable WordPress Web Developers Can Help You With

  • Start a new WordPress website or Online Shop.
  • Create graphic design for your future WordPress Site or redesign an actual Web-Site
  • Transfer Wix Site to WordPress
  • WordPress theme customization for Cheap
  • Assist you with WordPress maintenance upgrade: update a WordPress website to the latest version
  • Create a WordPress theme from zero Creation and installation of custom plugins,  or design an online theme for shirt, etc.
  • WordPress  support and maintenance solutions: bug fixing, database fixes, data import and export, backups & restores
  • WordPress migration Integration with third-party Plugins and modules Backend customizations

WEBBC is a full-service WordPress site maintenance company offering unmatched services to all our clients. Our professional team offers quality and unique WordPress maintenance services for all types of businesses regardless of size in different niches.

We are proud of surpassing our clients’ expectations through our unparalleled WordPress website development and maintenance with the best user experience. Our clients recommend us for setting ourselves apart from the other similar companies due your high-level flexibility and full commitment to offering great satisfaction to all our clients.

As we provide the maintenance services, we update you on how your WordPress site is doing and answer any question you may have on your website online status. Besides, we do all the planning together with our clients in order to develop long-lasting relationships with our clients.
We provide a complete line of WordPress site maintenance all under a single monthly plan. We allow you to pay more attention on developing your business without worries on what is happening to your WordPress website.

With our WordPress services, you can be sure that your website will always be updated and secured. We offer full CMS updated continuously, so you always know the state of your site. In addition, our team also provides daily database backups and 24/ security to ensure that nothing goes wrong with your site. All our maintenance services are provided at an affordable price. You just choose a package that is right according to your business budget.

To offer the best WordPress website maintenance we apply a wide range of features. We constantly develop, improve and update our security features to ensure your site is always safe and running.

With the dynamism in the web industry, a simple issue can make your WordPress site to malfunction. If such issues are not handled immediately, your site may malfunction completely.

Our team is always working to make your website fully functional and remain competitive online. As part of our maintenance work, we get into your database and have it updated with new releases.

You should never allow your time, money and efforts to get lost when a server crashes or there is hacking. At WEBBC, we create full database backups of your whole website both externally and internally. We then store them in fully secured servers. In case your WordPress website gets hacked or experience server crash, we help by restoring the site to the status it was before to enhance its functionality.

Technical issues can occur with your WordPress website any time without your expectations. Some of these issues include hacking, receiving errors or your site going down. Our technical team can help you deal with such issues immediately.

We offer 24/7 technical support to ensure that your WordPress website is working perfectly at all times. Our experts are prompt and handle any issue immediately regardless of the time such problems happen.

We offer our customer unlimited access to our support team through phone calls, email or our support portal

WEBBC provides WordPress security to ensure your website is at the top and running at all times. Our team takes care and provides security to your WordPress from initial installation, designing, updates and when it is running.

We strongly believe that your business can attain more when your WordPress website runs smoothly without issues that compromise its safety.

We assure your website security and allow you put more effort in your core business tasks. Our team helps your website work at its top level without errors and in case of attacks, we handle any issue promptly to prevent malfunction of the site.

At WEBBC we know that WordPress problems can occur anytime without expectations and cause serious problems to your business. Therefore, we strive to offer 24/7 security using different features that make it had for virus to attack or any other kind of hacking.

We offer different types of plugins that ensure your website is running without its safety being compromised. Besides, we have different security plans, so you choose a plan that suits your specific situations or business budget.

All our plans are affordable, so you never strain your budget. You can have full confidence knowing that your WordPress security is guaranteed because it is managed by a professional team with a proven record. For all the websites we provide security, there is none that has ever been attacked or hacked.

To boost the safety of your WordPress site, we provide daily backups on your safe cloud storage. In case of any issue that occurs, we are proud to have core database and files stored remotely to allow easy access and fast click backup.

Our team takes time to carry out a complete manual audit of user names to ensure no bot can access through any form of attack. Besides, we advise all our clients to use strong passwords that are hard for anyone to detect.

We ensure that we scan your WordPress website automatically for existing or new malware, potential backdoors or malicious codes. In case we detect something during the scanning process, our experts do instant repair for all files that may be hacked.

At WEBBC we help in doing SSL certificate installation. Your website URL begins with https and all the data on your WordPress website is encrypted and all your site visitors feel safe as they browse your content.

Our competent team helps secure your database from any form of SQL injection attacks. These attacks usually bring in unwanted content via the DB. We are fully committed to ensuring that such common WordPress site attacks do not happen.

We offer regular monitoring of your WordPress website to allow detect any hacking attempts. This means we respond to any security issue fast and boost security depending on the threat level on your site.

At WEBBC, we also enhance the security of your WordPress website by installing firewalls, IP tracking, provide weekly reports, block all fake Google crawlers, and perform daily data optimization.

Why Hire WordPress Developers from WEBBC?

  • Many years of successful experience
  • We always use the best  technology
  • We provide smart solutions to avoid problems
  • We’re always dedicated and enthusiastic about what we do
  • Our programmers are WordPress certified
Our team handles every project with great care, responsibility, and we never outsource Outside Canada

We're Your WordPress Development Company in Vancouver, BC

It is responsible for both the graphic/visual aspect of the website or web page, and for its technical functioning and the involvement of the users who visit it: a well-made website combines attractive design and ease of navigation in a WordPress Web Site


We have an affordable solution for every Buisiness that what be succefull online. Our Price Range from $500 to $25,000



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Quick F.A.Q

Q: What the average price for a website?

A: $2000


Q: Are you Local from Vancouver?

A:  Yes! and we NEVER outsource!


Q: How fast i get my website done?

A:  Average site is done within 2 weeks

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