We know that your website is the virtual showcase of your business. We are here to bring it to life. Our approach is to marry your brand image and integrate it into your digital identity.
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A new approach to web design for Burnaby Small Business.

Today, having a strong web presence is an essential part of your business. And a simple and meager presence on the web is not enough to figh your competor. Your website or web presence must be flawless if you want to build a brand image and take advantage of the endless possibilities offered by the online world. Obviously, this is only possible with quality web marketing services.

Our team of web developers with over 25  years of experience have only one goal, to provide you with a fully functional responsive website that encourages visitors to stay and interact, and ultimatly converting them into customers.

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Professional quality service, and delivery in 10 days, all from $800


Whether you need a single page website, a showcase site, or an e-commerce site, our agency will help you in your project and brings it alive. We offer free logo design with any website packages.


What's the point of having a website if no one sees it? This is why all our services include the optimization of your visibility via organic search engine optimization (SEO)


Some offers are not very clear. That's why all our offers include hosting and maintenance for your website, to keep it fast and secure and up to date.

A unique and modern digital strategy!

Our expert put all their know-how and talent at the service of your project. They can advise you on certain aspects of your web strategy and give you important advice on your brand image.

Affordable Web Design for small business and individual.

How can our web agency help you?

In addition to the many skills that our agency makes available to you, we also have our own strategic approaches. Do you want to combine paid and Organic SEO and a content marketing strategy? No problem ! Our agency provides professionals from each sector. Combining these skill allows us to optimize results and increase your return on investment. We can take care of all the content creation if you are too busy for that.

We know that a website is important for a business, but sometimes the delays are far too long. This is why, once all the elements are in hand, your website will be online within 5 to 10 days

Get more leads, sales and calls with our search engines optimization services.

The best web development services, for an affordable price

Our web agency has implemented a methodology allowing us to offer to your local businesses high quality services at unbeatable prices. 

Take advantage of an optimized web strategy with a clear offer, for optimal results!

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Accounting firm
B2B in-source
Construction website
Consulting site
eCommerce web design
Digital marketing
Food & Brewage
Political web site
Local Service Businesses
Autobody Shop / Auto body Shop
White Label
Web Design Companies

Small Business
Aero Space
Sport, Team
Website for Movers
Website for Church
Personal Trainers
Car Dealerships web design
Towing Company
Moving Company
Real Estate
Web design forCar rental


Food & Brewage
Healthcare, Medical Clinic
Law, Lawyer
Home Services
Web Media
Animal related
Mortgage Broker
Used Car Parts
Mortgage broker
Salvage yard
ecommerce web development
Accounting and Bookkeeping
Bars or Pubs

Fitness and Gym
Cannabis Web Design
Funnel Page
Shopify Dropshipping
Amazon FBA
Tree service company
Construction company
Hair Salon
Medi Spa

Nail Salon
Web design for Dentist


Your questions about Burnaby Web Design

Nowadays, being visible on the internet and having website has become a necessity to maximise and  develop your business. A website is the perfect complement to your physical business, and your sales people.

The creation of your website allows you to stand out from your competitors, whether you offer products or services. A professional website allows potential customers to form a first opinion of you and your business.

Also, creating a website for your business means wanting to increase your turnover. As the site is a virtual store that does not suffer from public holiday closures or holidays, it continues to sell regardless of the time or day.

You have the possibility to create your website on your own, via the WordPress CMS or free website creation platforms. But creating a website for your business is far from easy. It takes a lot of time and some skills to create a site that suits you 100%, and perfectly functional.

As for the platforms for creating websites, they rarely offer any choice of complex customization, and all websites are look alike. Also, you don’t own your website, and you usually have to pay a certain amount monthly to be able to use the website.

As you will have understood, this solution is not the best or the most situation. By going through a professional web agency such as WEBBC, your website is fully customizable, and your website belongs to you. With us, no monthly payment, and you are guaranteed to have a unique website.

Before you start creating your website, you must define the maximum budget that you can put into this project. But beware, it is not a question of simply calculate the cost of creating your website, it is necessary to take into account the various elements necessary for the realization of the latter.

  • Hosting and domain name.
  • Creation of your logo and visual identity.
  • The type of site you want (e-commerce, showcase, one page).
  • The theme of your website (layout).
  • Installation of some paid plugins.

If you also want to set up content writing, natural or paid SEO strategies, the cost of these elements need be added to your budget.

Creating an e-commerce site can be extremely expensive, depending on certain points. Again, you need to check into your total budget all the necessary elements like domain name, hosting, themes, your visual identity and logo, and many more.

But the price for creating an e-commerce site also depends on the quantity of products and their variants that you want to integrate. The more products you offer, the more work to do on the site will be important, and will take our team’s more time to finish.

Before creating your website, you must choose the type you want. Our team is there to guide you in this choice.

At first, the choice of the type of website depends on your field of activity. If you are a freelancer, professional such as a lawyer or in construction, or for example an locksmith, a one-page website or showcase with 3 or 4 pages will be sufficient.

This type of site will allow you to introduce yourself, talk about your services, show your know-how and insert a contact or Quote contact form for your customers or patients.

On a showcase site you can also integrate a blog and share articles on the field of your activity.

If you want to sell products online, then the e-commerce site will suit you best. You can integrate your different products, an online payment provider, but also a blog part to share articles and thus inform your future customers about the products you offer.

Having images on your website is mandatory in order to make your physique attractive, and to illustrate certain parts of your content.

You do not have images or photos to provide us for your website? No problem. We have access to a large bank of royalty-free images that we can use to power up your website.

Having a website is good, making it visible on the internet to increase your turnover is even better! This is why WEBBC Canada will create an fully SEO optimized website for you.

Also, we have a team dedicated to organic SEO. Thanks to various techniques put in place, natural search engine optimization allows you to be more visible online. These methods have different elements depending on the needs of your site. The choice of good  keywords, an deep analysis of your competitors, writing optimized content, and many others.

Organic SEO taking from a few weeks to a few months before giving good results, you can also set up a paid SEO strategy in parallel.

At WEBBC, your website is your property. Therefore, we will provide you with the access codes for your website.

Our goal is to help you develop your business online, and allow you a certain autonomy, we can also offer you a short training video for the handling of your website.

This will therefore allow you to make your own modifications (photos, text, address, telephone number) but you will also be able to create content on your site just by yourself.

The time to create a professional and personalized website for your business can take from a few days to a few months depending on your needs. A one-page or showcase site with few pages can be delivered to you in approximately 5 to 12 days.

As for an e-commerce site, it takes at least 4 weeks, and up to several months if you have a large number of products.

At WEBBC, your website is online within 12 working days from the moment we have all the elements allowing its creation that include payment.

You have the possibility to provide us with the text content as well as the images to be integrated into your website.

However, be very careful. The text must be unique, and not from a copy-paste from another website. As for the images, they must be of good quality, and above all free of rights.

If you can’t provide us with the images and text to add on the wbsite we can do it for you. We have writer specialized in SEO (search engine optimization), who can take care of the creation of the content of your site.

Saddly this step will have an additional cost to include in your budget.

WordPress is the number 1 CMS. Most web agencies use it for the creation of each website. It is easy to use, and allows a lot of flexibility. Thanks to its simplicity and posibility, you can use it without any worries.

Plugins (additional small programs) are also available for WordPress, in order to add certain personalized functionalities or improve the functioning of your theme.

A one page site is a minimal website, with only one page. It allows you to introduce yourself and talk about your services quickly. You have the possibility to integrate a form so that your future customers can contact you easily.

A showcase site is made  of a home page, and approximately 2 to 5 additional pages. You can introduce yourself, talk about your products or services in more detail, but also integrate a blog, and add various articles around your type of business.

These two types of websites are perfect for presenting your business online and offering your services. If you are unsure which of the two is best suited to your needs, do not hesitate to call us for advice.

Do you want to create a website for your business but do not yet have a logo and visual identity? No problem, WEBBC can take care of it.

Simply explain  us yor ideas, inspirations for the design and colors you would like for your logo and the global visual identity of your website.

It is important to choose a logo and colors that fit your business, that correspond to you, because it is particularly thanks to this that you will stand out and that customers will recognize you.

They will remember you way easily thanks you to your logo and your colors.

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