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7JunWordpress Tips to Help Stay at the Top of Competition in 2020

Effective WordPress Vancouver Tips to Help Stay at the Top of Competition

WordPress Vancouver is a great CMS platform that helps in developing websites. By use of this platform, you get at the top of the competition, because of its SEO friendliness. However, to enjoy a good ranking in the major search engines, it is good to apply the best WordPress practices. This is necessary due to the dynamism SEO ranking factors.  It is critical you understand the most recent Google algorithm to be at the top of everyone else in your niche. The following are some of the WordPress Vancouver tips to help you stay at the top of the competition.

Optimize the permalink structure

WordPress usually creates strange permalinks by default. These permalinks are not clear when you do the first installation of the WordPress to your website. This default structure does not work well with your website because Google focuses more on URLs with your keywords and title in the post name. Thus, it is advisable that you change the post name permalink structure by including your page title or post and also have a keyword in the URL. This helps you enjoy better positions in major search results. Note that the length of the permalink should not exceed one hundred characters.  Another important thing you should do is to make sure you do not change the permalink structure when your blogs are already live. If you do this, then all your previous links become useless.

Check search engine visibility

Most of the WordPress Vancouver users fail to have their post or website get crawled by major search engines. This happens because of the failure to remember to turn on their search engine visibility. If you do not uncheck the site visibility in the WordPress dashboard, it means that your website will not be indexed in the search engines.

Determine your website speed

Your site speed is a crucial part of WordPress Vancouver SEO.  If it has a slow loading speed, it negatively impacts your rankings and user experience. Major search engines like Google rank sites with faster speed higher compared to those with slow loading speed. So, it is worth considering the speed of your website. You can make use of pagespeed insights to determine your website speed. This is an essential tool that provides you with a thorough analysis of your site and gives you its speed rate.

Write high-quality content

Top search engines, including Google, give more relevance to sites with high-quality content. Therefore, you should come up with a great content strategy to thrive online. The content must be interesting, valuable and match the web source topic. As you do the writing, understand your targets and know the kind of posts they will like to read and share. In addition to this, have the relevant keywords, have good titles and Meta description.



Have an XML sitemap

Your WordPress Vancouver site contains several pages as it grows. As a way of Google indexing all these pages, major search engines like knowing your website structure. With a sitemap, you can do this task perfectly. The sitemaps help in showing the search engines what to crawl on your site. This makes new content be found faster and help Google know your site structure.


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