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We Are a Full Fledge Vancouver Web Design and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Agency.

icon_widget_image Monday-Friday: 8am to 6pm icon_widget_image 2845 W 23rd Ave, Vancouver, BC V6L 1P2 icon_widget_image (236) 838-9419 1-888-302-7205 icon_widget_image info@webbc.ca support@webbc.ca
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What do you use to build Website?

We use WordPress combined with powerful Premium Theme to build website. But If requested we can work with any Builder and Platform. (Our Pricing Plan are for WordPress web Site only and can be Cheaper or higher on different platform)

How long it take do create a Website?

Web Design is very Tricky to do a Proffesional job we love to have 1 month for a basic 5 pages website. But in BC everything goes fast we notice most of customer rather get a website done in 2 weeks instead wait  more time to get better quality final products. We can go fast but understand you will have a  better result if you give us more time. In Canada most of web design agencies take 3 to 6 month to deliver a ecommerce website.

What about the Domain name and Hosting?

We offer 1 Free Domain name and 1 year of FREE hosting with any Website Project. Your Website will be hosted on our Cloud Server at whc.ca . After this you will need to renew your domain every years ( $20 once a year) and we will Charge $40 per year for Hosting.

Do i need content for my Website?

For your Website project you will need your Text, Picture, Document, Logo  ect. If you don’t have content we can use Copy/paste Content from other website as your request, but It will be very bad for your SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation). If you want us to Create the Full content of your website we can discuss for a extra cost.

The typical content you may need is Text for the HOME, ABOUT, SERVICE, CONTACT ect..

Do you use images with copyright?

Be sure all the images we use on any  websites we build for customer are from Stock Picture Website that we subscribed and have all the right and Licence to use any images on your website.


Why WordPress is Better for SEO?

Wordpress is better than most of web builder for SEO cause it come with several extention that are great for SEO and Fast to configure.

Can you rank any website in Google first Page?

Quick Anser is YES we can. It can be fast and cheap and it can be a long and Expensive road if you are in a very competitive area. Some key word can take up to 2 years to rank in Page 1.

How it will cost me to be on Google page 1?

This is case per case. If you want rank with for exemple ” Rent a boat in Chilliwack” or ”Buy used tires kamloops” it will take only few weeks and it will cost only $200 to $400 1-time payment if your website is SEO Friendly.

But If you want to Rank with ”Weight loss’, ”Buy Weed Online”, ”Rent a Car”  Be ready to Paid minimum $2000 per month if you want reach yoru goal in 1 years.

If someone promise you first page with keywords such ”buy weed online” ”house for sale” , ”buy a car”, ”weight loss products” for $150 per month it is a scam beware of most of  ”Offshore SEO Guru”. 

Do you Guarantee your SEO Results?

Theyre too many variables in the SEO world we unfortunalty can’t guarenty you the google first page. But if for any reason SEO Stuck for few week and don’t progress we will keep working for Totally FREE until we see results.

SEO not worked well for me can have a refund?

NO Refund, We have a 95% Sucess rate with our SEO. If for a reason your not happy with our services you can’t have a refund. If you don’t like the results, and we also notice something not working well we will work for FREE until you see better results.


When you start to Fix Computer?

The Webbc Computer Tech Fix Computer since 1999. WEBBC Started in Quebec in 1999 on the name of ”Mycrobyte” and Computer Repair was our Main Services until late 2008.

Do you repair Hardware?

Hardware repair is very time consuming and we prefer focus our computer services on Software and Parts instalation only.

Can you Install Windows 10 on my Computer?

We can install Windows 10  on any computer even on a Mac. This cost only $80 and is a sameday delivery.

My computer is slow can you help me?

Yes we can! if your computer is slow bring it to us and we will check and found the problem for you.

Do you fix Phone?

Not we don’t have time for this but you can call 604-773-0282 The best Iphone Repair in Vancouver


Why Sport cards stuff on a Web Design Agency?

Our Staffs are Collectors and Sport cards Store since 1993. Collectibles are a very nice hobby and a good way to generate traffic on a website and meet new Customers. 🙂

You buy Any Cards?

No we are very picky with the cards we buy. The best way is to send us pictures or the Hockey Cards or Baseball cards you want to sell us via mail at info@webbc.ca or send us a picture via text to 236-838-9419

Do you paid cash?

Yes we do! we can paid cash or via E-transfer

My package was Damaged / Lost can you refund me ?

We provide a Tracking code with any sale over $80 Canada Post lost under 1% of package every years. If is the case we will not refund cause we also lost the cards.

If the package is damaged we will fill a claim on Canada Post Website buy we will not refunds you. If you don’t want take thsi Risk Visit our Ebay Store and Buy from there with the Full Ebay Protectio.

Can you spot a Gretzky Reprint?

Our staff are Collectors and Sport cards Store owner since over 40 years If you try to sell us a fake Gretzky, Jordan or anything reprint cards or fake autograh you will waste your time 🙂

Do you Buy and Sell only Hockey Cards?

No we are interested in any cards from Elvis presley to Pokemon 🙂

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Need More Info?

Don’t hesitate to call us if you need any additional information about our Services.

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