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What is SEO?

Today, having a Strong web presence is an essential part of your business. And a simple and tiny presence on the web is not enough today. Your website or web presence must be perfect if you want to build a brand image and take advantage of the endless possibilities offered by the Internet. Obviously, this is only possible with hight quality web services.

Our team of web developers withover 25 years of experience have only one goal, to provide you with a fully functional website that encourages visitors to stay and interact, thereby converting them into lifetime customers.

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Boost the organic SEO of your website by entrusting its optimization to the experts of the WEBBC agency

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Our agency has specialized in Organic SEO since 1999. It is made up of a team with the technical expertise necessary to identify and implement strategic levers to improve its SEO. Located in Canada, our agency contributes to the success of its clients: contact us to start a collaboration.


To improve the visibility of your site on the Internet, we rely on our expertise in Organic SEO: internal optimization, traffic analysis, content, building and cleaning backlinks, training of your teams... The success of your project depends on the implementation of a global, personalized and results drived strategy, as only the WEBBC team has the expertise!


Is your website designed using a CMS like Dreamveaver, Magento, WordPress, Joomla or Drupal? CMS are very effective for quickly creating your e-commerce store or showcase site. But their SEO is far from optimal. Give the optimization of your CMS SEO to WEBBC experts: the key to boosting its visibility in search engine results

Trusting WEBBC means having the assurance of benefiting from very fine expertise in organic SEO for your website!

Is your website not visible enough in Google results? Gaining positions will not just allow you to improve your traffic. Improving your Organic SEO will help you achieve your goals: boost the visibility of your company and your income.

At WEBBC, we have expertise in the 6 levels of SEO: internal optimization, traffic analysis, backlinks,  Backlink cleaning, SEO training and mobile SEO!

The Organic SEO of a website cannot be improvised. It is essential to leave it to specialists familiar with the latest developments in the Google algorithm. In this way, you will have the guarantee that the levers put in place on your website will have a positive impact on your ranking. At WEBBC, we closely follow news from Google and other search engines. For our team, this is the best strategy to adopt to obtain the best results over the long term!

Our SEO expert will put in place a personalized strategy for the optimal indexing of your website. To do this, we will base ourselves on your business objectives as well as an in-depth analysis of your website and its visibility in search engines!

Do you want to boost the organic SEO of your website? Whether it is a showcase site or an e-commerce store, the specialists of the WEBBC team will put their expertise at your service!

Our goal is common: the success of your SEO project!


How SEO Work?

Keyword research

First of all, your project manager or your on-site SEO consultant will perform the most exhaustive search possible of keywords covering your field of activity (short and medium tail) and classify them according to the potential contribution in traffic and conversions. The priorities are determined according to several criteria such as the traffic and the business potential of each group of keywords but also and above all according to yours (products with large margins, etc.), you will obviously solicited at this stage. Ideally, we work together with your agency managing your GSC (Google Search Console) to find out the keywords with high potential in terms of conversion before spotting certain keywords for organic SEO

Site audit and crawl

Often at the beginning of your SEO campaing, your on-site SEO consultant will launch a complete crawl of your site by simulating the Google robot. The crawl consists in interrogating each page of your site (by following the internal links present on your pages). We put togheter the important details of each page related to the sitemap, the content, the internal and external links, the images.This data allows us to calculate in particular the depth of the pages compared to the home page and the similarity between certain pages, and this can put to our attention structural problems limiting the visibility of the site in search engines. This step allows you to have a global view of the current state of the site and to advise you on points such as the internal linking, the structuring of navigation, the duplication of content, sitemap, multilingual setting, etc.


We use powerful software such Screaming Frog to generate deep Crawl report.

Landing page optimization

Your landing pages or landing pages are the nerve or war of your site and must receive special attention. The Tag of your page will allow Google to understand your page, the links to your page will allow Google to give it credit, it is the satisfaction of users who land on your page via a Google or other search engine results page that will allow you to position yourself for the long term. The role of the SEO consultant at this stage is thus: to optimize the content already present to analyze the pages which are positioned on the groups of targeted keywords, to reflect on this which could make the difference compared to the competition, to optimize the bounce rate utilizing, for example, well-placed calls-to-action or a extra button.

Delivery of a book of recommendations

Following the analyzes carried out in steps 1 and 2, your on-site SEO consultant will send you a notebook (between 10 and 15 pages) including a list of recommendations to be implemented according to a detailed order of priority. The implementation of these recommendations, at least those aimed at eradicating the factors blocking the good indexing of the site, conditions the success of the SEO crusade. This task list must be communicated to the technical assistance provider who manages your site. We chew the work so that the implementation is fast and requires no knowledge of SEO. Once the recommendations have been applied, we carry out a verification in order to limit the risk of error.

Advice and execution of an content strategy

Content is King: Content, whether in text, image or interactive form, is the cornerstone of SEO. We advise you on the type of content to construct according to what Internet users are peeking for and what is intended to be shared (on social networks, in the press, on specialized blogs): Text: in-depth articles, guides, news, questions / answers, etc. Images: infographics, charts, etc. Interactive: mini tools, widgets, etc. Quality content and if possible in abundance, well integrated on your site via a strong internal mesh, allows Google to associate your site with a complete speaking field of your theme and to consider you as a reference in the matter. Relying on your internal resources and budget, we can handle content creation and integration.

Monitoring and maintenance

First of all, we make sure that the suggestions put in place have generated the expected effect. Our SEO supervision consists of monitoring the correct indexing of the site on Google, quickly detecting the problems that most sites regularly experience (error pages, slowness, high bounce rates) and making incremental improvements to your site. We regularly repeat all the steps set out above in the following cases: Redesign of your site, Major strategic changes, Addition of products or services.

We provide  daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly SEO report acording the SEO plan you choose

Our report are send with Google data Studio

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Industries That We Love Working With

SEO for Accounting firm
SEO for B2B in-source
SEO for Construction website
SEO for Consulting site
SEO for eCommerce
SEO for Education
SEO for Digital marketing
SEO for Finance
SEO for Food & Brewage
SEO for Political web site
SEO for Roofing
SEO for Flooring
SEO for Heating
SEO for Plumbing
SEO for Local Service Businesses
SEO for Autobody Shop 
SEO for White Label
SEO for Design Companies
SEO for Ecommerce

SEO for Small Business
SEO for Engineering
SEO for Agriculture
SEO for Architecture
SEO for Aero Space
SEO for Logistics
SEO for Sport, Team
SEO for Fashion
SEO for Website for Movers
SEO for Website for Church
SEO for Personal Trainers
SEO for Landscaping
SEO for Car Dealerships
SEO for Towing Company
SEO for Moving Company
SEO for Locksmith
SEO for Plumber
SEO for Real Estate
SEO for Car rental
SEO for Laundry
SEO for Cleaning


SEO for Food & Brewage
SEO for Healthcare, Medical Clinic
SEO for Insurance
SEO for Law, Lawyer
SEO for Media
SEO for Pharmaceutical
SEO for Home Services
SEO for Hospitality
SEO for Web Media
SEO for Animal related
SEO for Mortgage Broker
SEO for Used Car Parts
SEO for Mortgage broker
SEO for Salvage yard
SEO for Veterinary
SEO for Pharmacist
SEO for Optometrist
SEO for Electrician
SEO for Accounting and Bookkeeping
SEO for Hotels
SEO for Bars or Pubs

SEO for Government SEO for Automotive SEO for Restaurant SEO for Manufacturing SEO for Industrial SEO for Fitness and Gym SEO for Beauty SEO for Software SEO for Cannabis SEO for Funnel Page SEO for Shopify Dropshipping SEO for Amazon SEO for Tree service company SEO for Construction company SEO for Hair Salon SEO for Medi Spa SEO for Nail Salon SEO for Lawyer SEO for Dentist SEO for Gym

Your questions about Organic SEO

The latest technical advances in analytics make advanced traffic analysis, the implementation of personalized dashboards, and conversion rate optimization accessible to everyone. WEBBC offers a unique ROI-oriented traffic analysis technique and makes every effort to make the most of your traffic and convert your visitors into customers. 

Discover our detailed 3-point process.

Installation and advanced configuration of Google Analytics

The installation of Google Analytics does not stop with the placement of the tracking code on your site. A good configuration of Google Analytics goes through the report of goals, the tracking of actions not tracked by default, the management of e-commerce functionalities, the implementation of filters, the management of the different acquisition channels (SEO, SEA , emailing, affiliation, etc.), the structure of the pages of your site, the management of multilingual sites, etc. We install and configure Google Analytics according to the nature of your business. This will allow us to accurately analyze the behavior of Internet users once they arrive on your site. This step will allow, after a few weeks, to know: The profitability of each traffic acquisition channel, What negatively impacts your conversion rate, The whole site or parts of your site that are not attractive enough to visitors.

Optimization of traffic, conversion rate and user experience

Installing and configuring Analytics accurately is not enough. The potential lies in the analysis of this data and it will help us to make the most of the flow of visitors browsing your site. We regularly examine the data provided by Google Analytics in order to establish a list of suggestions which will aim to improve: The profitability of your web marketing actions by reducing your unnecessary expenses, The conversion rate by optimizing the stages of the conversion tunnel thanks to to A/B testing, User experience through ergonomic changes, deletion of useless pages, improvement of landing pages, content design, etc

Setting up a personalized dashboard

We determine together a list of different KPIs related to your business in order to configure a personalized dashboard on Google Analytics that you can consult whenever you want.

 We also set up alerts linked to significant divergences in these KPIs, so that you can react quickly in the event of a problem or observe outstanding performance!

We have designed strong expertise in analysis, link cleaning and request for reconsideration. The exercise is subtle: delete toxic links in the eyes of Google without deleting links that are not so as not to start completely from scratch, but also long and tedious: you have to contact the webmasters one by one to have the links deleted. dummy. Discover our detailed process in 6 points.

Penalty Audit

Your off-site consultant will determine the type of penalty that your site has suffered, it can be algorithmic (Penguin for example) or manual (messages of the type “spam links” on Google Webmaster Tools). The penalty exit process differs depending on the type of penalty: For a manual penalty, a request for reconsideration will be required. This is a message sent to Google’s anti-spam team who will decide whether or not to lift the sanction. Cleaning should be done exhaustively. For an algorithmic penalty, in particular Penguin, it will be necessary to wait for the updating of the filter once the cleaning of links has been carried out. Following this, your off-site consultant will analyze your profile of inbound links (over-optimization, variation of anchors, quality of the sites that link to you, etc.) in order to have an overview of what has been done and what will have to be corrected.

Link analysis

This is the part of the job that requires the most expertise and experience. Using technology developed in-house, we cross-reference data from Ahrefs, SEMRush and Google Webmaster Tools and then we analyze all the links one by one, by hand, to decide whether they should be left as is, nofollow, de-optimized or deleted. There are tools to do this sorting automatically, which we have tested, but they are not precise enough at the moment, which is why we prefer to do this analysis by hand.

Submitting link removal requests

Once the list of links to be deleted has been established, we take care of contacting the owners of the sites involved one by one in the best possible way: the owners are sometimes overwhelmed with these deletion requests. It is sometimes complex to contact the owner of a site, our team is trained to exploit all possible ways to contact him (whois, reverse ip, etc.). Without feedback from the owner, we make several reminders so that the deletion rate is as high as possible.

Treatment of remaining toxic links

Links that we haven’t been able to get removed are disavowed using Google Webmaster Tools’ Disavow Links Tool. This tool is to be used as a last resort, it is preferable to completely remove the links but in some cases this is not possible. This action being irreversible, it is a sensitive manipulation not to be taken lightly

Request for reconsideration

If you received a “Dummy outbound links” message on Google Webmaster Tools, your site is affected by a manual penalty. To get it lifted, we need to submit a request for reconsideration to Google showing Google that we have done our best to remove the links. That’s why we record and detail all our actions throughout the process. The main objective is not to lift the penalty from the first message but rather not to delete links that Google does not consider to be fake. Google does not communicate an exhaustive list of links that it considers to be fake, so we often have to take it easy.

Penalty exit

In many cases, you will not return to the level of organic traffic before the penalty. It’s simple, you had acquired better positions thanks to these fake links, by deleting them you will return to the level of traffic before the creation of these links (unless you have obtained quality links in the meantime or you improved your site internally). However, when you are the victim of a penalty that blocks and decreases the visibility of the site on Google, it sometimes happens that after the lifting of the penalty, the organic traffic is greater. Google rarely tolerates two misconducts, you will have to be very careful for the rest of the link building. Our team will take the necessary precautions for the future and will make you aware of Google’s requirements in terms of link quality.

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