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We do SEO for Cannabis dispensary

SEO for WEED From $999/m

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White Hat SEO

Al our SEO technique is 100% Legit and doesn’t involve any Blackhat Hack or spamming Technique. Rank in a Google Friendly way ! 


We Do everything

We do On-site, Off-site SEO for your Dispensary we Also create new Contents if needed or we re-write your actual content.

Cannabis is Hard

We, not Gonna lie, right now search engine optimization for Marijuana website is harder than ever in Canada 

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Avoid modern-day snake oil!!

This kind of SEO is hard the usual SEO guys will fail on this if he had no experience with  High Volume keywords ranking.  Everyone will guaranty you the Page 1 of Google for ”Buy Weed Online”. Not us we are not gonna lie rank in the first page of google with ”Buy Weed online”, ”Orders Weed Online” is going to be a long road if your budget is limited.

We will rank you Top of Google for $150 per month!

We use the best WordPress theme and Plugins to make the perfect iMarijuana store website for your customers. The competition is very high in Cannabis online market right now and we know it! You can make sure that your site will look better than the average dispensary. We will work together on the design until your 100% happy.

FAKE! As an Agency we receive that kind of offers in your Email or by Phone every day. If this was true over 158,000,000 of websites will be on page 1 of Google Already, that displays only the first 10 results. 

The Best of WordPress

We Only Use The Best WordPress theme for our  Cannabis SEO for Dispensary. DIVI still our best Solutions, but we can also use Bridge, Salient, The7 or Any Other Powerful theme if requested. All those themes are Fast and SEO friendly. We Also use the best set  of plugins available in 2019.

100% Anonimous

If requested, we can make the cannabis website totally anonymous and make it impossible to track or shutdown. We Not Put our Link in the footer or anywhere in your website.


We will Optimise every aspect of your website. For SEO your website will be Super fast and Load under 4 seconds. You will Get A on Gtmetrix.com and 60+ on Google Speed test 

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Why is hard to hire a good SEO Agency in Cannabis Area?

We Help our customers to remain anonymous in the Marijuana world

Over the past 10 years, we tried over 200 different staff from India, Srilanka, and other Country. Everyone pretended to be a ”SEO guru”.

After wasting over $50,000 paying people Offshore or from Fivers, we Never found anyone really goods. Most of the SEO Guy we found All work the same way and they spend too much time analyzing data, Analysing competition, analyzing this and that.

Because the particularity of this specific industry we are forced to keep all of our customers for Cannabis Web Design or SEO for Dispensary Anonymous. And Because of that,  we are not allowed to put Link to their website or mention any Customer name or logo from our past Cannabis Customer in SEO.

A lot of peoples will promise you the Google first Page for Cannabis Dispensary for under $150 per month. They Lie to you they don’t have any idea how this SEO is Hard now. Most of SEO Agency Work With Online Software such as Arefs, SE Ranking.

If those Tools are good they are not 100% accurate and something the database for a specific keyword is outdated. Sure This Tools Can Help for the SEO but they are not mandatory to Rank in Page 1. 90% of the SEO for Cannabis in 2019 MUST be done on the site itself. And for this Particular Area, every aspect of the website must be optimized.  We have detailed data from the top 25 Cannabis Website in Canada, We know what to do, we know how to rank you. Start Here 

SEO for Cannabis in Canada webbc.ca 236-838-9419

The time requested to Reach the top 10 results in Google for ”buy weed online” Can be anywhere from 3 to 24 months.

The time to rank Page1 in Cannabis right now depends on a few factors such your domain rating your domain name (easier when your domain name include keywords example: buyweedonline, getcannabis ect ). The Domain Age is Also important old website usually rank faster than the new one.

Also, it will be mandatory to have Unique Quality Content with No copied Text from another website.


SEO for Cannabis in Canada webbc.ca 236-838-9419




to get the BEST offers and deals from our Cannabis web design Services


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to get the BEST offers and deals from our Cannabis web design Services

What is important for Cannabis SEO?

Are Backlink is Super Important for SEO in Cannabis? 

  • Quality Content
  • Have an SEO Pluging to Edit the Title & Description Tags
  • Unique Content that passes the plagiarism check
  • Have a Website that load under 3 to 5 seconds
  • Your own Pictures or picture google never see before.
  • Multiples pages with unique content for every Aimed Keyword


This list is just a quick overview of what is important for SEO in Cannabis


SEO for Cannabis in Canada webbc.ca 236-838-9419

having ”1” good Strong Backlink is Better than 1000 shitty one you get from Fivers or via Backlink Generators. We rank Most of our Customer without buying backlink. 

WordPress is the Best Solution for Cannabis SEO in Canada

Woocommerce is the Perfect Solution for your online dispensary store if you use Wix or Weebly or Squarespace it will make everything harder because of all the limitation.


We will Not Accept any Cannabis Website SEO job if your website is on  Wix, Squarespace or Weebly.

Understand the Google Results 

This is paid advertising with Google Adword We do not Recommend it we prefer Organic SEO



SEO for Cannabis Dispensary in Canada WEBBC.ca 236-838-9419

This is the Google Map Block Is strongly recommended  to have a Google my Business Account for every website you want to rank 



SEO for Cannabis Dispensary in Canada WEBBC.ca 236-838-9419

This is a Featured Block on Google Front Pages. And this is Very Good. They’re way to get this kind of block for a specific set of keywords and is totally Whitehat and Allowed by Google.

SEO for Cannabis Dispensary in Canada WEBBC.ca 236-838-9419

This is the Organic Results this is where you will be found on Google.

SEO for Cannabis Dispensary in Canada WEBBC.ca 236-838-9419

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