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Top WordPress Plugin in 2020

When you have created a WordPress website or blog and looking to increase its capabilities, then WordPress plugins play a crucial role in it. From a plethora of plugins here are a few plugins that will give you the desired results.



Elementor plugin is the one-stop solution for designing the contemporary and advanced websites in WordPress. Website designers and developers give the preferences to this platform due to the flexibility of the options available in it like drag and drop, numerous widgets, a library of templates, etc. It is a user-friendly plugin or page builder in WordPress that doesn’t require extensive coding. The presentation and structure of the elementor are user friendly. Nowadays websites are searched and browsed more on mobile. So to give the website a responsive look its mobile editing tool is very impressive. The color Combination feature, text, and fonts of the content can be aligned in a very splendid way.

Download Elementor 



WooCommerce is a powerful and fantastic plugin to create an online store or eCommerce platform to sell online products like Amazon and Alibaba etc. It also gives the option of appointment, reservation service in his platform. It has many simple and pretty dazzling templates to give your online store a modern look and provide the online store access to the whole world. The setup is easy to customize and receives updates from time to time. It offers a massive range of payment gateway plugin to accept payments. They are convenient and follow an easy checkout process. WPML plugin empowers to run the website in different languages and let you offer the products in various currencies of other countries. It assures every function required in an online store like Tracking products, security, cash on delivery, cart, etc available.


Download Woocommerce



Akismet stands for or termed as Automatic Kismet. It is the WordPress plugin used for safety and combating from the spam comments and untrusted links from your website and blogs. It is a powerful anti-spam toolset to filter scammer’s comments and links. By filtering spams it allows the owner of the website to interact and communicate with the targeted audience and visitors. It also enables them to get proper feedback from the readers. To rank your website or blog in the Google search engine. It highly desired and recommended by SEO experts of axing spam links and comments.



Download Akismet


WP Rocket


Isn’t it amazing if your website load in the browser in 3 seconds, So to accelerate the loading speed of your website WP Rocket plugin comes to play a crucial role. WP Rocket uses cache plugin and servers like Bluehost to rescue web pages of the website from hanging. It is a very simple plugin and easy to configure on the website. It reduces the load on the server and fetches the website in a few seconds


Download WP Rocket


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