Affordable Web Design in Canada

WEB BC  has been working on WordPress for Web Design for more than 10 years.  From basic 5 pages websites for a local small business to 2,000+ products e-commerce websites to high traffic websites, our WordPress development experience has crossed a range of industries. We love to create websites with WordPress and strongly believe it to be the best website design option for small to medium size businesses.

First launched in 1999, the years of software development driven by massive usage has delivered a strong semantic blogging system with an eye to usability and web standards. For professional website designers, WordPress gives designers an extremely functional canvas to wrap their designs around.  The added ease of re-designing a website makes updates and branding changes a breeze for clients after the website is complete and passed to the client.

Our website design work is driven by the need to give clients an Affordable website that delivers the brand image, functionality and online traffic that their business needs.  In 2020 that means having up to date, hands-on experience with all of the best WordPress themes like AvadaBe ThemeXTremeDiviSalientGemThe7XStoreJupiter, Impreza and more the most popular plugins like YoastWP Smush, EWWWWP Fastest CacheContact7Tawk and WooCommerce.

From WordPress website repair and maintenance to WordPress hosting services to the setting up of SEO best practices with YoastRank math or SEO PRESS Web BC Website Design has you covered.




Affordable Website Design in Canada

Whether you need a simple, cutting edge or affordable website design, WEBBC is the best option for you.  We work together with you to design a website that meets your objectives and dreams at an affordable price. In our company, our clients are our first priority and this is why we strive to ensure that we work together to help design a website that allows you attain your set objectives. Besides, we know you have other expenses in your business that is why we charge the most competitive price for our web design services.  We are proud of the work we do and never stop until all our clients are fully satisfied with web design results offered.

Competitively priced website design

Your business website determines the impression of attitude your clients develop regarding your business.  This is why at WEBBC we provide affordable website design to suit your set budget. We offer free quotes and provide you more personalized options to select from according to your budget and needs. By doing this, we give you full control of your budget and have your website customized to fit your particular needs.  Regardless of the website you want to develop, we have a team of web designers to provide you a premium website that will take your business to higher and new levels online.  

Highly responsive website

At WEBBC we know that more people are nowadays using mobile devices to surf. Therefore, we develop highly responsive websites your users can access whether they are using tablets, mobile phones or desktop. Our websites are highly responsive meaning that all the content can be viewed without problem in all sizes of screens.  You get user friendly and easy to navigate website that will make your targets not only find it fast, but want to stay for a longer time going through the different pages.  With our affordable website design, you enjoy high conversion rates leading to more sales and profits.

Website makeover and maintenance

If you are not getting the desired response from your business website in terms of low traffic, high bounce rates and other issues, no need to worry. At WEBBC, we can help perform high quality website makeover and maintenance.  Our team performs dynamic and fresh site makeover to help attain the set objectives more effectively. Besides, we also offer website maintenance to ensure that no issues arise with it and ensure it is running at all times.

Customer based web design

When developing your websites, our designers first understand your business, its target audience and set goals.  We take time to research your target audience interests by looking at research trends for your particular niche and help maximize the number of those who visit your website.  Our company does this by making sure that your site appears at the top of the page results on major search engines. We integrate good and relevant content with SEO and social media marketing to ensure your website receives high traffic and high conversion rates.

For all your affordable web design needs, contact WEBBC for unique results.

WEBBC is an award winning Web Design Company in Canada with vast experience working creating websites for many businesses.         We offer web design in Canada for both small and large businesses. In addition, we also work with both startups and established businesses in Canada.  It has taken our good reputation, robust visual design skills and high tech programming skills to get at the top of the competition.  Over the years we have been in the industry, we have managed to build websites such as wordpress cms, custom html, custom web applications and e-commerce websites.  We take pride in our expertise to create a unique design for each of our clients.

We take time to understand your business and what you want to attain before we begin the web design process. Our designers make use of strong motion graphics and visual graphics to capture your prospects attention and turn them into your loyal customers or navigate your website more.  Thus, with our web design you enjoy low bounce rates and higher conversion rates.

Effective web design in Canada

At WEBBC we have managed to develop effective and unique websites for a wide range of business in different industries. Our website can help you penetrate new markets, develop long lasting customer relationship and attain a competitive edge in your niche. Our proven web design processes and qualified professionals ensure we deliver the best of web design in Canada

Website planning and discovery

Our team performs a comprehensive appraisal of your website content, do analysis of technical needs, makes clear of responsibilities and roles. We help define marketing objectives, prospects and desired results. Then, we design a functionality document, user profiles and then come up with website architecture to help us develop a professional website.

Site designing

After we have planned the type of website to have, we then develop a frame which is a visual presentation that shows the approximate weight or position of images, text, video and other elements on each of your website page. It is from here that our experts then develop the actual design layouts.

Website development and coding

Our professional team slides and codes responsive html and css during the development process. We make use of content management system such as wordpress and integrate html with a database and admin. From there we help populate your content.

Launching your website

Before we launch your website, we test it to ensure it is working perfectly on all platforms and devices. Our team ensures that the layout is fully optimized and working effectively on desktops, smartphones and tablets. WEBBC also puts in complex security measures to ensure your customers, business and website is protected.

Web marketing

After we have launched your website, we allow it to grow. Our experts integrate search engine optimization plugins and analytics. We optimize your website, create both external and internal links, and take your web presence higher with our social media marketing services. In addition, we share your well designed website with your target audience and reach those looking for the products or services your business offers.

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