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WEBBC Named Among Canada’s Top Digital Agencies for 2021

Here at WEBBC, we know the importance of building a successful website for your business. With so many websites on the world wide web today, how can you make yours stand out? Finding the right website design and development company can be a daunting task with so many of them out there, it’s hard to choose the right one.

WEBBC is a web design agency specializing in creating unique and professional websites. We constantly keep an eye on new web technologies that are coming up to utilize on web design and development projects. Our services include web design and development, e-commerce dev, graphic design, and search engine optimization. We specialize in WordPress, Magento, and Lavarel. With over 16 years of experience, we’ve successfully delivered over 500 projects to more than 400 clients. 

In recognition of our success, Clutch has named us as one of Canada’s top digital agencies. Clutch is hugely respected within the B2B space for connecting small, mid-market, and enterprise businesses with service providers that fit their needs.

Only the highest-performing agencies are awarded with the leader awards, so we’re incredibly proud of this recognition. You can also check our profile on Clutch to see some of the reviews our clients gave us.

Below is one of those reviews from one of our clients, a bridal boutique that wanted professional website development for their business. We were assessed by our professionalism, promptness, and honesty.

“I loved the honesty and feedback they provided throughout the whole process. Also, for someone like myself who is not very tech-savvy, I appreciate the fact that things were explained to me without the use of too much technical lingo.” – Owner, Vero Amore Bridal Boutique

We are always pleased to receive such wonderful feedback from our clients. It’s always gratifying to work with businesses and help them succeed in their endeavors.

Send us a message! We’d gladly collaborate with you on your next web development project.


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