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Weird bug with contact form 7 Red Message not Send Error1

Hello,  I am Marc-Andre Cournoyer, the owner of this site

Last night, I personally encountered a major issue in a website, stating contact form 7 stop to send a message and give me a red error:


I’m used to fixing any kind of odd bug in WordPress or any bug plugin pretty fast, but I must admit that this one gives me a headache, so I decided to write it here if i can help anyone encounter the same exact problem!

The problem start suddenly contact form 7 was working the night before and i din’t update anything or install any plugin, it just stop working for no reason.

I immediately copy-paste the error message eon Google, and ton of result and 3 video show up show up!!

But guess what?   After read all result in page 1 to 3 of google  I never found 1 good solution! NOTHING! ZERO! NADA!

After tried lot of different thing, uninstall, reinstall, disable all plugin, play with fonction.php or other php file ect… I was still unable to fix this.

And that was a real problem cause i got this problem on a important customer website!

But today just for the fun i check on Bing Search Engine… (i was desperate) and Bingo i found a working solution with a crazy plugin!

I install this plugin and rollback contact form 7 the the previous version, and all restart working again !!!

I know, i can also install a old version manually but this plugin work good.  He save my weekend !


Hope i will help at-least 1 person with this post lol



***update  The problem came from the ReCapchat V3 integration.




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