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WordPress VS Drupal the big difference in 2021

WordPress VS Drupal for web development and web design

WordPress and drupal are two ways you can use to design a website for your business or any other organization. WordPress is more common and is well known by many people compared to drupal, but both of them can help you create a website that allows attaining your set goals and higher rankings. To help you gain a better understanding, let’s look at the two more deeply.

WordPress vs drupal what you need to know in 2021

Market share 

WordPress is the top content management system launched in 2003. It is estimated that it powers more than 35 percent of websites. On the other hand, drupal has been in the market for a longer time than WordPress but has a less market share and power about 2-3 percent of websites.

WordPress advantages for web development 

Easy to use 

The top advantage of WordPress is that it is easy to use, even for those without skills in web development.


WordPress has a third party plugin and themes that make it easy to extend, without the need for custom designing. It can still offer all the things that Drupal can do.

Supportive community 

WordPress has a large community that makes it easy to find support for all problems experienced when using it.

More affordable 

It is cheaper to develop a WordPress website because even designers charge less compared to drupal web designers.

Drupal advantages for webmaster

Customized content views and types 

WordPress provides tailored post types, but drupal provides more flexible custom content types.

User permissions or access controls 

WordPress has five basic user functions, but drupal is better since it has a control system that allows you to develop new functions with individual user permissions.

Offer support for multilingual websites 

In drupal, you will find several language functions integrated into its core, while for WordPress you have to turn to third-party plugins to access such languages.

More flexible taxonomy 

Drupal has a more drupal taxonomy system compared to WordPress making it perfect for handling massive content.

More complicated to use

Compared to WordPress, it is more complicated to use drupal because of the presence of a more custom coded theme. This means you need to hire a site developer to help you in the process. 

In addition, Drupal has an interface that is hard to understand especially if you are not an expert in web development.

Other notable characteristics 

Website maintenance & Security 

Despite that both Drupal and WordPress are secure, but drupal tends to have better security. WordPress has lower security because its third-party extensions make it vulnerable to attacks compared to drupal. Drupal also provides comprehensive security reports and is also more transparent in terms of security compared to WordPress.

If you are building a website for your small business or organization, WordPress is the better option. However, if you want a more complex website that requires high-level flexibility and easy customization, Drupal is a great option. However, note that it may be challenging to use unless you have skills in web development. 

This means you have to incur costs when developing a Drupal website while you can do it freely with WordPress.

For web designers and developers and design and development with html css and javascript WordPress is the most popular builder that works server side and alow front end developer to create user friendly website that allow to use easy plugin to perform the perfect search engine optimization.  WordPress is the best for a wide range of web design services in Canada and you don’t need to know any programming languages to be able to create a custom web design. 

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