WordPress Vs Wix-What you Need to Know in 2020

WordPress Vs Wix-What you Need to Know

If you are looking for a way to build a website, you must have come across the terms WordPress and wix. It is good to understand both of them because they are associated with website building. WordPress is a CMC or a content management system, while Wix is a website builder. The most important thing is to understand their differences so that you can make an informed choice on the one to use in the process. This article looks at some of their differences. Continue reading to determine the one that is best suited for your website building needs.

Ease of use

Wix is a website builder that is easier to use in the process of designing a website. However, it is not easy to customize. This means it may be hard to get a website with your specific features and qualities using it. It also includes web hosting meaning that when you use the tool, you do not need to get a web host. However, this is not to mean that you cannot move your site off wix to a new WebHost.

WordPress is a content management system that is a bit harder to use, meaning you need sometimes to learn how to apply it. However, it is easy to customize to suit your specific needs. When using a WordPress, you should also have a web host, but there is no need to worry since there are several hosts that provide a one-click WordPress installation.

Therefore, as you choose between the two put in mind that wix is easy to use, but lack flexibility, while WordPress is highly flexible, but require more time to learn how to use.


Wix is characterized by a visual, drag and drops editor. It is more like PowerPoint because it gives you an opportunity to move any of the features to any part of the page. You do everything visually with the entire website in view. On the other hand, WordPress has a block-based editor that is abstracted from the page. This means it does not allow full page within the editor. For instance, you will not see the sidebar, header, and footer. You have to keep on switching between the editor and the website to check how everything looks.

Professional assistance required

WordPress is fully open meaning everyone can make a contribution to it. This is good, but also a bad thing. Wix is closed with less themes, but it is designed for non-professionals. This means you do not need to hire an expert to help in creating your website. For WordPress, you may need professional help if you get problems as you try to integrate plugins and themes.


In case you need a website with conventional features, Wix is the best option for you. For unconventional features, you get WordPress plugin or theme supporting such features. The point is you get WordPress plugins with all types of features with WordPress; however, Wix does not support all such features.

With Wix, the Search engine optimization option are very limited WordPress is definitely better for SEO


Wix incorporates everything in a single package including apps, hosting, themes and customer support. WordPress is free, but you may end up paying for hosting, themes and plugins.





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